We work with people who mirror our commitment to transforming the Built Environment.

At Presidio, our job is to see the big picture in even the smallest seed. Despite today’s modern society, development can be notoriously slow, with productivity at a low. Many projects are still built the way they were hundreds of years ago and often do not end up operating as sustainably or efficiently as they should, costing precious time and money in the long-run. We actively seek out the forward thinkers who are passionate about reversing this stagnation and effecting positive change.

Our Venture Capitalist and Advisory role gives us the opportunity to work with people who mirror our commitment to transforming the Built Environment. At Presidio, we specialize in the CleanTech, PropTech and renewable energy sectors, and have a wealth of experience in supporting both fledgling and existing businesses and facilitating the growth of pioneering projects. Whether that equates to sourcing the finance for a revolutionary green venture, or advising on a sustainable blueprint for success, we have the experts who will help you realize your vision.

We invest and mentor, from that initial seed right through to IPO and beyond.

As a holding company of globally renowned Alpin, thought leaders for the built environment, we also have a proven history of working with some of the world’s most pioneering technology. From simulation software that visualizes a project long before it breaks ground, to drones that dramatically reduce the need for onsite manpower, we at the cutting-edge of the Construction Tech that is making waves in the industry today. We’ve helped hundreds of clients embrace emerging technology, incorporating everything from Data Analytics and Building Information Modeling to Thermal Imaging software, resulting in major returns on time and investment.

Without this thirst for advancement, the Property market would also remain stagnant – yet today, PropTech companies like Airbnb, Compass and Open Door are paving the way for a more streamlined, optimized and enticing real estate experience. Virtual Reality now allows potential buyers or tenants to tour a property without stepping foot through the door, while the realm of Augmented Reality lets us virtually furnish a space long before moving in. Our experts have their finger on the pulse of the latest innovative PropTech trends and are highly experienced in creating innovative business models for the real estate market.

Partner Organizations

Alpin Limited,UAE

Global headquarters located in the world’s first sustainable city, Masdar, in Abu Dhabi, UAE, they work with a network of consultants spanning from San Francisco and London to Jeddah and Sydney and have branch offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as well as strategic partners in Munich, Germany in delivering the best, most sustainable solutions for the built environment.

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Bamford Capital,Australia

An impact-driven alternative assets investment management firm specialising in Private Equity, Private Debt and Real Assets.

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Business Start Up,Qatar

A central point of contact for creative individuals, entrepreneurial ventures, innovative start-ups and established businesses with aims and intentions or objects and plans in and around the State of Qatar.

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