Our Approach

We invest and mentor, from that initial seed right through to IPO and beyond.

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Venture Capital

Co-investing with experts in the CleanTech field.

Investment and Incubation

Identifying crucial investment opportunities.


Suggesting strategies for cutting-edge technologies

About Presidio

Our job is to see the big picture in even the smallest seed

We invest in innovative companies with ideas that will revolutionize the way the construction and property industries operate.
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Strategic Partnership

Presidio + Black Buffalo 3D: 3D Construction Printing

Presidio has partnered with Big Sun Holdings, a New York/Seoul headquartered developer of Black Buffalo large-scale 3D construction printers and concrete-based “ink”, in the Middle East and North Africa.
Black Buffalo makes use of Artificial Intelligence and smart IoT systems to improve 3D printing of buildings. As partners, we aim to lead the regional innovation, development, and convergence of convenient and customized on-demand printing of key infrastructure to reduce labor and material costs by 50+%.
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The Proptech Fund

The Startup Wise Guys PropTech vertical fund focuses on PropTech and Construction sector startups working in various domains such as Artificial Intelligence, clean energy transition, IoT, the shared economy, SaaS, construction tech, Virtual Reality, materials science, robotics and drones. The Fund’s General Partner, Presidio, is among pioneers of sustainable development in California with a global focus, combined with Startup Wise Guys focus on impact driven solutions, sustainability will be a common thread throughout the investments.
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Our fields of expertise

From our global headquarters in Dubai, we have a strong network spanning across the Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America.

Our team encompasses technical, business administration and finance experts who can evaluate an idea and investment from both a technological as well as business point of view.
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Energy and Water

Advanced Materials

Environmental and Ecological Enhancement

Innovative Building Technologies


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We seek out the trailblazers who have ideas that will impact the future of development for the better, offering the advice and financial investment from incubation right through to commercial success.
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