The Startup Wise Guys PropTech vertical fund focuses on PropTech and Construction sector startups working in various domains such as Artificial Intelligence, clean energy transition, IoT, the shared economy, SaaS, construction tech, Virtual Reality, materials science, robotics and drones.

Up to 100K€

Investment Range


Follow-on possibility

50 M€

Fund Size

The Fund’s General Partner, Presidio, is among pioneers of sustainable development in California with a global focus, combined with Startup Wise Guys focus on impact driven solutions, sustainability will be a common thread throughout the investments.

In PropTech, where global investment is expected to reach $94 billion by 2030, within a construction market valued at $14.4 trillion by the same date, Startup Wise Guys is working with companies and founders to make an impact in solving the problems of high-energy usage, carbon and clean energy transition, unaffordable housing, and labor shortages/low productivity.

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Why the PropTech fund

The real estate landscape is undergoing a profound transformation, and at the heart of this evolution lies Proptech. It’s predicted that by 2030, Proptech will get a whopping $94 billion in global investment, and that’s just a slice of the massive $14.4 trillion construction market pie. But here’s the kicker: despite its immense scale, the industry has suffered from a lack of innovation, leaving critical challenges without solutions.

In a world where our population is growing, we need to switch up our energy game, deal with high housing costs, and stare down inflation. That’s where Proptech swoops in like a superhero. Did you know a mind-blowing 40% of the EU’s energy use comes from buildings? This illustrates the importance of finding clean energy solutions and solutions to address the issues with affordable housing and inefficiency within the built-asset and construction industries.

Startup Wise Guys isn’t backing down from these challenges. We’re teaming up with top-notch companies and visionaries to take on the big problems – think high energy use, pollution, lack of affordable homes, dated inefficient infrastructure, and sluggish work sites. Our Proptech fund is all about making a real change. We direct our focus towards startups operating across domains such as Artificial Intelligence, sustainable development, IoT, shared economy, SaaS, construction tech, Virtual Reality, materials science, robotics, and drones.

Leading the charge is our Fund’s General Partner, an expert in sustainable development with a global perspective. And together with Startup Wise Guys’ passion for making a difference, sustainability is baked into everything we do.

Our Proptech Fund is poised to propel innovative startups that are reshaping the real estate industry’s future.

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