The mission of Black Buffalo 3D is to be the leading provider of additive manufacturing in the construction industry.

Black Buffalo aims to lead the global innovation, development, and convergence of convenient and customized on-demand printing of key infrastructure to sustain support and promote better building practices. 3D printing reduces labor costs by 50-80% and material costs by 30-70%.

Presidio’s 15+ years of expertise in the EMEA region for innovative sustainable construction and technical design make Presidio and Black Buffalo ideal partners to further the expansion of the company in this region.

Black Buffalo makes use of Artificial Intelligence and smart IoT systems to improve 3D printing. Its technology is also approved by and meets the International Code Council criteria for structural concrete for single and multi-story buildings (AC509 Criteria).

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Black Buffalo 3D and Presidio – companies which are revolutionizing the construction industry

Black Buffalo 3D focuses on providing machines, technology, and ink to contractors and developers who focus on the construction of single- to four-story buildings (villas, offices, boutique retail, medical, and so on) and structures to save time, resources, labor, and overall costs. The company is specialized in three lines of business that are dedicated to sustainable construction and related services. These are:

  • Sales, leasing, and training related to 3D construction printing technology, equipment, and ink
  • Supplying sustainable materials and designing and managing smart infrastructure
  • Sales and distribution of modular structure via JVs, license agreements, and partner channels

Construction becomes up to 70% less resource-intensive

3D printing is a new industry and, as such, it hasn’t been a viable technology to use in projects beyond prototyping or hobbyist applications.

But Black Buffalo 3D changes this.

Thanks to its state-of-the-art construction technology, Black Buffalo 3D is capable of building up to four stories of more than 1,500 square feet on each level. Its cement-based “printer ink” is formulated to withstand harsh climates, is recyclable, and stronger than a block of wall. By reducing material and labor costs by more than 50%, extruded exterior walls provide energy efficiency and printing affordable housing onsite cuts freight and logistics costs.

Black Buffalo 3D helps

Reduce build time by 50-80%

Reduce labor costs by 50-80%

Reduce site waste by 50-99%

Reduce material costs by 30-70%

Black Buffalo invests heavily in R&D, has a broad network of partners, and has the ability to scale the production of printers.

It’s in a unique position to help developers around the world move from traditional building methods to 3D print construction.

The way Black Buffalo does this is with fourth generation NexCon 3D printers, which address many of the challenges found in the construction industry. The result is the ability to print structures remotely and on-site at a lower cost – and with great sustainability.

Traditional vs 3D Printing

Significant savings compared to existing construction methods in terms of construction materials, time and costs with the added benefit of sustainability.

Core Resources

Materials, tools, labor related costs

3D Printing

Materials, tools


50-80% reduction unskilled labor



3D Printing



50-80% reductions


$167-$333/square ft.

3D Printing

< $35/square ft.


More than 50% reduction

Material Loss (%)

> 10%

3D Printing

< 3%


90% reduction

Black Buffalo 3D is driving next-generation sustainability

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Mixing and printing structures to exact design specifications eliminate waste and the traditional requirement of utilizing casting molds or forms.


Reduced project timelines, lighter transportation loads, and flexibility to print buildings onsite or nearby, greatly reducing pollution and related fees.


Several configurations are available providing power to select liquid fuel or electric-based printers that run more efficiently than standard construction machinery.


Sourcing locally available material to mix with our proprietary “ink” formulation can create reductions in freight, material costs and time to completion.