Our approach enhances the traditional, multifamily, value-add model by adding onsite renewable energy to disrupt an industry with enormous potential for environmental and social impact.

We target master-metered properties in the Sunbelt. By acquiring the underlying real estate, we become the owner and eliminate traditional barriers to implementation, thus rapidly accelerating the adoption of clean technology.

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Real Estate | Criteria

  • Class B + C multifamily
  • 50+ units
  • Value-add acquisitions
  • Landlord-friendly states
  • Economically growing cities

Real Estate‚Äč | Energy

  • High solar irradiance
  • Favorable net metering policies
  • Master-metered electrically
  • High historical utility consumption
  • High cost of energy

We focus on Profit, Planet, and People while holding steadfast to being a triple bottom organization.

To assess project-level impact, the ZNE team prepares an internal scorecard for each deal. We are dedicated to transparent reporting to all stakeholders.


We know that regardless of the impact of our projects, we will not attract capital partners unless we produce motivating returns. Our projects deliver 18%+ investor-level IRRs. Additionally, the combination of traditional value-add strategies with clean technology increases Net Operating Income (NOI) so rapidly, that we often refinance our deals within 24 - 36 months and return 75%-100% of invested capital.


The climate crisis is undeniable the most important issue facing humanity and we take an engineering perspective to address it. The largest source of greenhouse gas emissions are buildings and unfortunately, most of the focus is on new construction. Our model rapidly removes existing buildings from the utility grid to make a real impact. Greenwashing is not our style.


America needs more workforce housing. As the number of renters has reached historic highs, the surge in demand has placed significant pressure on the available apartment supply. This has made it difficult for millions of families across the income spectrum, nationwide, to find quality and affordable rental housing. ZNE Capital revitalizes dilapidated workforce housing; our units are affordable based on HUD's definition (less than 30% of income is spent on rent for families earning 80% of area median income).

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