At Presidio, this world excites and motivates us.

We have a skill for sourcing and mentoring companies that support our vision for delivering high quality projects more quickly, resourcefully and sustainably than ever before. We seek out the trailblazers who have ideas that will impact the future of development for the better, offering the advice and financial investment from incubation right through to commercial success.

Our team encompasses technical, business administration and finance experts who can evaluate an idea and investment from both a technological as well as business point of view. From our global headquarters in Dubai, we have a strong network spanning across the Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America.

Venture Capital

The Venture Capitalist firms we work and co-invest with are all experts in the CleanTech field and are highly skilled in identifying emerging technologies and strategies. Our experts have a proven track record for helping clients post above-average returns.

Investment and Incubation

Our team is adept at identifying crucial investment opportunities at their earliest stage that have the potential for major social, environmental and commercial returns. Our partners have the managerial and technical skill, as well as the capital, to turn your project into a long-term success. We support entrepreneurial leaders every step of the way, right from the birth of a company to IPO or acquisition, helping them and their founders to reach the markets they need for sustained future growth.


Our advisors know what it takes to grow a small seed into one of the world’s most anticipated IPOs. We’ll suggest the strategies and cutting-edge technologies that will take your project to the next level and beyond.