Senior Advisor – Energy & Materials InnovationAustrian

Michael Suppaner, with a wealth of experience spanning over 35 years, is a seasoned expert in technical operations and business development. Michael has worked in the cement, energy and waste management industries, with a focus on innovation and industry 4.0 technology optimization. In addition, he has successfully founded and managed companies in Austria, Japan, and Malaysia.

Throughout his career, Michael has shown considerable skill in the optimization of processes and technologies of the cement, steel, lime, and non-ferrous metals industries – making him instrumental to those seeking to advance their operations in these areas. He has helped businesses across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East achieve success by leveraging his unique insights.

Michael’s extensive knowledge of both cement manufacturing and combined waste management has established him as an authority in this field; with expertise in dealing with political difficulties for proper waste management in developing and semi-developed countries. He has implemented alternative fuels and renewable energies from waste materials, and his understanding of municipal and industrial waste processing has allowed him to optimize waste management processes across various industries.

In addition to his technical prowess, Michael possesses excellent business development, sales, and marketing skills. His background in crisis management and consolidation has proven invaluable in helping businesses navigate difficult situations and come out stronger.

Michael’s career is anchored in his education – he studied Applied Geological Sciences at Montan University Leoben in Austria, and served in the Austrian Army as an Officer of Reserve, achieving the rank of First Lieutenant. He is fluent in German and English, with a basic understanding of Japanese.