Esther Micskey

MBA, HR Certificate, Certified Trainer
Director and Founder (Austrian)

Esther holds a Master’s degree in Marketing from the University of Applied Business Administration in Vienna, Austria and an Advanced Certificate in Strategic HR Management from the ILR School at Cornell University.

She has over ten years of experience in marketing, HR and training/development. Esther gained her professional experience in the field of Corporate Training for several multinational organizations and as a Marketing Manager in the pharmaceutical sector.

Esther has been instrumental in developing Presidio’s professional training processes. She leads Presidio’s consultant-based activities, from building the group of consultants with whom Presidio works, to ensuring their projects are successful and rewarding.

Terry Rainback

Senior Corporate Advisor

Terry is an experienced corporate finance executive with a broad base of experience and impressive achievements in senior management. Following 15 years in the City working in the field of domestic and international corporate finance, he joined EMC in 2003 to provide his background and experience in corporate finance and corporate management to private clients. Some of Terry’s major achievements have been at the cutting edge of corporate activity and strategic development, including business planning, M&A, the raising of investment capital/development funding, succession planning and management development. EMC and Terry service clients in the UK and internationally from its London and regional offices.

Kareem Abughazaleh

Senior Corporate Advisor

A​n entrepreneur and angel investor with experience​ in the development ​​industry. Kareem has an MBA from London Business School and a BSc in finance from Georgetown​ University​. He ​is the CEO of Foodie Brands and Managing Partner of Mina Ventures, ​a family office with ongoing investments in early-mid stage companies since 2004. ​He has invested in companies based in the USA, Canada, Brazil, and UAE across sectors including Food Production & Retail, Healthcare Technology, Alternative Energy & Sustainability, Telecom​ Infrastructure​, Live/Recorded Entertainment, and E-commerce.

Lonny Simonian

Senior Technical Advisor

Lonny Simonian has over 25 years of professional experience in the electrical design and construction industry and has worked on several multibillion USD federally funded domestic projects, as well as numerous public and privately funded projects around the world. This has including extensive experience in project & construction management, project controls and administration, and design and construction engineering on several US government advanced technology projects. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering degree from University of California, Berkeley with an emphasis in Construction Engineering and Management, a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), and an Advanced Project Management Certificate from Stanford. Professor Simonian is also a Professor in the College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED) and graduate course instructor in the College of Engineering at Cal Poly.

Professor Simonian is a licensed Professional Electrical Engineer in the State of California and a Project Management Institute certified Project Management Professional. Professor Simonian’s previous experience includes positions as an Engineering Group Supervisor at Bechtel National and Senior Project Manager for Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. Professor Simonian was a past recipient of a NSF/DOE fellowship, conducting Smart Grid research at UC Berkeley Lab on Energy Information System Dashboard Integrating Wireless Sensing Devices with Wired Metering and Controls. He is the principal or corresponding author of over three dozen peer-reviewed papers.

Professor Simonian is currently conducting research for ELECTRI International, the research foundation for the National Electrical Contractors Association, on Quality in Construction – Improving productivity and reducing rework by establishing a Built-in Quality (BIQ) program, and recently completed work on another ELECTRI grant Applications for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Electric Utility Construction. Professor Simonian previously completed a co-funded ELECTRI and National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) grant on Electrical Distribution and Construction – Developing an Agile Supply Chain Partnership. Prior research includes a grant from the Fire Protection Research Foundation (FPRF) on a Guide to Applying Reliability Based Decision Making to Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance (ITM) Frequency for Fire Protection Systems and Equipment and a report for the National Institute of Standards and Technology via the FPRF on Smart Grids and NFPA Electrical Safety Codes and Standards.

Jourdan Younis

MBA (Finance+Operations), BSc (Construction Management), LEED + WELL Faculty, WELL AP, PQP, GSAS-CGP
Director, Senior Advisor – (American)

Jourdan continues to build a robust consulting firm known for its commitment to quality and professionalism. Jourdan holds an MBA from London Business School, a Certificate in Leading Professional Service Firms from Harvard and a BSc in Construction Management from California Polytechnic.

His professional portfolio includes commissions ranging from multi-billion USD LEED Platinum projects in the GCC to the training of over 2000 professionals in the multiple components of sustainability and green investments. He was one of the first professionals to begin working on LEED buildings in 2001. Jourdan is a TEDx speaker, a columnist for multiple publications and is an instructor for sustainability at the American University of Sharjah and CalPoly in California.

He takes great pride in making a positive impact in the development industry, exceeding client expectations and making Presidio a truly exceptional organization to be part of.